SOP Certification Programs from the Vitamin Consultancy and LifeSpirit Seminary:
LifeSpirit Center was founded 1974 as a Mission of the LifeSpirit Congreational Church. Here we are pleased to present the Natural Health Options Network ™.

Our church site is Rev. R Fucetola JD

Are you ready to take control of your own health choices? Would you like free software for self health? What does your voice reveal about you? Want to connect with your authentic self? The BioAcoustic BodyGreen programs and other products and services (such as our P.E.L. Webinars and Affilations, including advanced Cognitive Enhancement Nutrition) linked through this site can help answer your natural health option questions.

New From Natural Health Options

C Prime Harmonizing Bands - I tried one of these frequency devices and like it so much that I just joined the affiliation program!

North American Power - this reseller is available here in NJ and in other states. Our electricity costs have gone up very fast, but this company looks like it can deliver savings and Green Power! I'm paying 11.12 cents per kwh from JCP&L and NAP promises 8.9 cents to start!

Excellent Products from Flourish Wellness
Diabetes Nutrition
Glucobetics: Click Here.
All the Products: Click Here.

Our Latest Webinar Now Archived -- Cautions for CAM Wellness Practices -- Details: 1.5 hour webinar includes 32 slides; 20 page ebook with forms; private forum membership. For more information or to sign-up:

Energy Devices from Russia

Certification through Lightwing Center
Raindrop ® Technique Certification Program.

Innovative Nutritional Solutions for the Diabetes Community...
Diabetes Nutrition
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Human BioAcoutics Founder, Sharry Edwards MEd on "Countervailing Frequency Equivalents" -

Learn about Diabetiks ®
Learn about Cognitive Enhancement

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About Us

Rev. Greene and Rev. Fucetola are certified BioAcoustic Research Associates of the Sound Health Research Institute, of which Rev. Greene is a Trustee. Rev. Fucetola is a Trustee of Natural Solutions Foundation,

The Center, Foundation and Institute are exempt nongovernmental organizations duly recognized in the United States. Rev. Fucetola has certifications in ministerial practices, counselling, homeopathy and practiced law for over 34 years, working with well-known, advanced healthcare and natural products companies and practitioners. Our Mission and purpose is to spread the Word, gather data, connect people to beneficial nutrition and use BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling to help the World as an expressive association activity. This includes people challenged by limitations, fears of war, pandemics and dangerous vaccines, as well as fully informed, consenting adults seeking to take charge of their own wellness.


Natural Health Options Network

The Center is therefore pleased to be able to make available to private persons for personal use only the following information regarding Natural Health Options, as a private expressive association activity. This web site includes information about:

- Ralph Fucetola's P.E.L. Webinars
- LifeSpirit Center Affiliates
- Sound Health Programs

Our P.E.L. ("Practical, Ethical and Legal...") Webinars sponsored through Natural Solutions Foundation, Lightwing Center, Vital Connection University and other providers, cover practical, ethical and legal considerations for (1) Advanced Healthcare "CAM" Practitioners, for (2) Minister Practitioners and for (3) purveyors of new Natural Products. I've just completed a special webinar presentation for Lightwing Center regarding Legal and Ethical Considerations for Raindrop Essential Oil Therapy. More Info: Click Here.

Our Affiliations include such "stand-bys" as Cell Phone Wave Shields, Detox Pads, great nutritional drinks such as SeaAloe and a direct link to Bio-Logic's extraordinary Cognitive Enhancement nutition! More Info on the affiliates: Click Here.


Cognitive Enhancement on Campus

See all the Cognitive Enhancement products -
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Student Acuity Pack
Student Acuity Cognitive Enhancement

Enhance your Mind. Transform your Limits. Nutrition for Cognitive Enhancement.

If you have a web site or social network join Biologics' Affiliate Program,

Nano Silver Supplements for Your Health


Looking for a Frequency Generator? We recommend this free download: -- allows you to use your own computer's sound card to generate sound frequencies from 100 to 15000 Hz.


Energywave's Diabetiks ® and Other Probiotic Nutrition...

Diabetes Nutrition