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LifeSpirit Center has joined a number of social, community and marketing affiliations. We provide links to them on this page. Here you can find links to Bio-Logics' extraordinary, advanced Cognitive Enhancement nutrients to "enhance your mind and transform your limits" together with one of the best brands of Detox Pads & other Detox Products, Essential Oils for Life, excellent Nano Silver, delicious SeaAloe (the successor to SeaSilver), Flourish Wellness products, Energywave's Diabetiks ® and Sunnie ® , Energy Devices from Russia, the new eFoods network and the cell phone Wave Shield among others.


Here are some of our favorite affiliations.


[1] C Prime Harmonizing Bands - I tried one of these frequency devices and like it so much that I just joined the affiliation program!

[2] North American Power - this reseller is available here in NJ and in other states. Our electricity costs have gone up very fast, but this company looks like it can deliver savings and Green Power! I'm paying 11.12 cents per kwh from JCP&L and NAP promises 8.9 cents to start!

From LifeSpirit and Lightwing Center:
Raindrop ® Technique Certification Program.


Excellent Products from Flourish Wellness
Diabetes Nutrition

Glucobetics: Click Here.
All the Products: Click Here.

Diabetes Nutrition

[Link inoperative.]

Cognitive Enhancement on Campus

Cognitive Enhancement Nutraceuticals

A Message from the Manufacturer: "Enhance your Mind. Transform your Limits.

"Bio-Logics Nutraceuticals brings together the power of todays most potent and bioavailable Nutritional Analog ™ and other nutrients to make some of the most cutting edge brain enhancement formulas to date. Our superior products are versatile in design and application, making it easier to mix and match for ever increased heights of mental acuity and performance: for students, sports, memory and mind expansion; for a youthful and agile brain!

"We at Bio-Logics Nutraceuticals know how important it is to have bioavailable supplements. Bioavailability is the presence of vital ingredients and their ability to be utilized by the body. Many companies produce supplements by their demand, lacking the care and know-how to create such a carefully crafted supplement. We produce our supplements with years of education, experience and research, keeping our customers in mind.

"These fine tools will help bring your mind and brain to new heights of intelligence and stability.Be responsible for your own destiny!"

Student Acuity Pack:
Student Acuity Cognitive Enhancement Link

  • See all the products here:

    Enhance your Mind. Transform your Limits. Nutrition for Cognitive Enhancement

  • If you have a web site or social network join Biologics' Affiliate Program, If you have any questions regarding this opportunity to expand your web site's offerings, please contact us at with "Affiliates" in the subject line. This is an Affiliate Program, not an MLM. Bio-Logics provides the most advanced cognitive enhancement nutrition available anywhere on earth...

  • This is what Biologics says: "Stimulate your nervous system! Cognitive enhancement is one of the best ways to keep your brain tuned up. The use of cognitive enhancers may be the best way to maintain a youthful state of mind for the health and wellbeing of your life. Cognitive enhancers are herbs, supplements, nutraceuticals, and functional foods that are aimed at the constant support and improvement of mental functions such as acuity, cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration. Clarity, focus and control of the mind is of great importance in this day and age and Bio-Logics Nutraceuticals will continue to provide our customers with the most cutting edge cognitive enhancement formulations for many years to come. Students, professionals, sports enthusiasts and seniors are among those who can benefit from cognitive enhancers!"


Energywave Diabetiks Products

Green Turtle Bay Vitamin Company has one of the world's best nutrients systems for Diabetics... and the only one with claims allowed by the FDA!* "Intended to supplement nutrient needs of persons with diabetes, addressing certain nutrient deficiencies found in some diabetics, without affecting the blood sugar or treating diabetes."

These products, including Diabetiks ® and Sunnie ® are Advanced Nutrition designed for Diabetics and for Wellness by a physician for the Green Turtle Bay Vitamin Co., Inc. In business since the early 1990's, this company was among the first to provide their nutrient products in a Probiotic Base. Click the Banner to Learn More and Purchase...

Diabetes Nutrition
[Link inoperative.]

Become a Diabetes Nutrition Online Affiliate:

[* I was the attorney for GTB in 2000 when it got the FDA authorization letter...]


The eFoods Network

You know you should have stored food. The eFoods network has good-tasting, nutritious foods that keep 15 years... Be prepared!


Nano Silver Supplements

There is no better supplement to support normal immune system function than nutrient quality silver...


Detox Products & Pads

Detox products for discerning consumers...

Energy Devices from Russia

We do not adopt any third party claims regarding these devices and offer to link private communicants only to these technologies.



Cell Phone Wave Shields from $19.95


YLEO Aroma Therapy

At a time when more and more people are seeking Natural Health Options for their wellness needs, we are pleased to announce our affiliation with Young Living Essential Oils. Aromatherapy is used for mind, body, and spirit relaxation and comfort.

Research has shown that the powerful properties of essential oils can assist the body in many ways. Oils can support the \immune system, assist with pain management, relaxation and stress relief, energy & vitality, and more! Young Living is the world leader in the industry. Their quality and purity standards are the most stringent in essential oils -- for this reason we have chosen to offer you the best!

Please visit our site today where you can purchase these wonderful, safe, and eco-friendly products: Our Young Living member number is 1099838.

If you would like to know more about Young Living, visit and use member #1099838 for any purchases you decide to make. It is easy to become a member of Young Living. There are several convenient options for you to purchase essential oils and complementary products such as: nutritional supplements, personal care items, skin care, household cleaners, state of the art diffusers, and more! Young Living is an international organization.

For questions or aromatherapy consultations, please contact our mentors, Christina or Nancy, who are both Certified Clinical Aromatherapists, Holistic Health Educators and Medical Intuitives. They are supporting us in this journey and are happy to assist you. Here is their info:

Christina M. Santiago, CHBC, CCA, CRTP (languages: English/Spanish/French) Email: skydivaoils[at] or call 201-400-0121 or toll-free 888-811-8883

Nancy O. Weber, RN, CCA, CRTI - Email: lightwing[at] or call 973-586-2230

Remember, visit us at:

Also take a look at the Seed to Seal YouTube video:

Raindrop ® Technique Certification Program

Lifespirit and Lightwing Center are pleased to sponsor a certification ministry program for Gary Young's Raindrop ® Technique. During the 2.5 day course, Nancy Orlen Weber and Dick Weber teach about Raindrop ® Technique and Ralph Fucetola teaches about ethical and legal concerns for the Certified Raindrop ® Technique Minister Practitioner. These videos discuss this in greater detail.

Raindrop ® Technique Certification Program - Part 1

Raindrop ® Technique Certification Program - Part 2

Raindrop ® Technique Certification Program - Part 3


Additional Links

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