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Please register here for the various Human BioAcoustics™ programs, software and classes offered on the Natural Health Options Network

[Register for our Webinars and Affiliate Programs from the separate links on those pages; this page is for the BodyGreen Giveaway™ offers from Sound Health, Inc.]

This button allows you to donate to LifeSpirit. This link may also be used to pay the $99.00 for any of the four 90 day Complimentary Trial Software Packages: Nutritional Consultant * Muscle Master * Pre Vaccination * Sex Factors. Also includes 90 trial of the Abacus proprietary software needed to determine frequencies present in a voice sample.

The nanoVoice free software may be downloaded directly from

Below is where you can contact us to Register for the free online, on demand and other classes. This includes the free online classes for the Complimentarty (after completing the free class) Software: Golf Swing Evaluator * PTS Profiler * Hair Apparent programs.

Please include your name, email address and phone number. A member of the Sound Health Staff will contact you to set you up for your free online class; please specify if you only want to be contacted by email. Your free software or trial will be provided directly from Sound Health. Certain classes are on demand; other classes may be available live.

For these Complementary Programs contact us here: Send Mail to Contact Us.

To recap: Free Program: nanVoice (Personality Profiler)

Complementary Programs (After Free Class):
  • Golf Swing Evaluator
  • PTS Profiler
  • Hair Apparent

Trial Programs:
  • Nutritional Consultant
  • Muscle Master
  • Pre Vaccination
  • seX Factors

ADvanced Classes - By Invitation Only